The Main Types of Online Casino Game

When signing up for an online casino, the choices can seem overwhelming. Special offers, shiny new games, and colorful graphics assault the senses making it hard to focus on what matters. Yet the only thing that is actually of any consequence are the games on offer.

Once you know what you want to play, you can start to begin looking for the best selection and see what offers are available. Below, we discuss the main types of online casino games you may wish to look out for.

Table Games

Table games are the staple of any online casino. While some may concentrate wholly on slots or other pursuits like bingo, most online casinos will at least have a small selection of major table games. When you play at the most trusted online casino, you will soon find that the bigger operators have a whole host. These will involve games with variations in their rules, games allowing side bets, and invite-only tables for high rollers.

 If you do not have a preference regarding which table games you want to play, then pick a casino that has a variety. From poker to roulette there will be plenty to entertain. If you do, then make sure there are lots of variations of your chosen game. These may include different types of poker like Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em. Fans of roulette may find American, French, and European versions which have different wheels and odds.  


Some table games can be rare but are becoming more readily available in Western online casinos. These can include games such as Andar Bahar, a game popular in India involving two boxes and cards. Another popular game from Asia is Sic Bo, which involves predicting the outcome of dice rolled onto a table. You may have to search a little more to find a casino that provides these.  


Slot games are plentiful in online casinos, and you will seldom get bored. They have come a long way from the classic three-reel fruit machines of yesteryear, though even if you want to play this type of title they can be found. From easy-to-handle, simple slots to complex bonus games with graphics and animations akin to videogames, you will find plenty to keep you going.  

Generally, the more rows and reels a slot game has the more complex it becomes. Some systems such as Megaways have multiple ways to win and add reels, meaning you can quickly build up a huge total. When combined with progressive jackpots, which are bonus pots that get added to with every spin, these games can see you net huge amounts.

 Make sure you read the game details before you begin. Slot games have a lot of terminology that can be hard to understand and are often designed by some of the worlds leading gaming technology companies.  These include wild symbols, cascading reels, and specific bonus rounds. Knowing what to do with them can help you win more. They will also have a return-to-player rating which is a measure of how much is returned to the player and how much goes to the operator if the game is played over a long period. The higher the rating, the better your chance of winning money becomes.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are a specific type of game that uses streaming technology to connect you to a dealer. The dealer runs the game from a studio, dealing cards and spinning roulette wheels as they would in a casino. Using the website’s software, players at home can place bets and chat with the dealer. This brings all the interaction of a physical casino to the player’s device in real-time.  


It is not only table games that are offered either. There are now many slot games that use streaming technology to bring gameshow elements to their bonus rounds. When people access the rounds via bonuses, they are entered into a competition overseen by a host. This allows them to increase their winning amounts or even win prizes. In some cases, these are licensed by some of the world’s most hot properties such as board games and gameshows.  

Sportsbooks and Other Pursuits

After the main casino options, there may be a few other provisions you look for in an online casino. The most popular of these is a sportsbook. This allows people to make bets on sporting events and other popular wagers such as who will win the Oscars or elections.

Bingo is another popular pastime that many people want in an online casino. If you are an aficionado, there are whole online platforms dedicated to it so find one with a range of games. Variations such as Slingo are fun variations that combine bingo and slots. Whatever you are looking for, understanding the type of things on offer can help you make an informed decision about the right casino for your needs.